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2013 News Releases
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31/12/13ICL - Tax Authority Notification
25/12/13Exercise of Rights to Purchase ORL Shares
24/12/13ICL – Early Publication of Financial Reports
15/12/13ZIM - S&P Maalot Rating Update
12/12/13ICL - Ratings Update by Standard & Poors Maalot
10/12/13Immediate Report Regarding a Senior Officer Who Ceased to Serve
01/12/13ICP - Wins Procurement to Establish Power Plant in Peru
01/12/13ICP - Purchase of a Power Plant in Peru
18/11/13Zim - Participation in Negotiation for an Arrangement
11/11/13Zim - Completion of Container Companies Sale
07/11/13ICL - Private Placement of Bonds in the US
29/10/13ICG - Engagement in an Agreement of Understanding
17/10/13ORL - Possible Participation in Issuance
16/09/13Inkia - Expansion of Debenture Raising
01/09/13Request for a Class Action
29/08/13Zim - Additional Agreements & Understandings Reached
29/08/13Immediate Report on the Convening/Adjournment/Cancellation of a Meeting
29/08/13Insurance Policy Renewal for Company Officers
19/08/13Zim - Sale of Container Factories
06/08/13No Change in Israel Corp. Standard & Poor's Maalot Rating
28/07/13Convening of a Special General Meeting of the Company's Shareholders
25/07/13Senior Officer Who Ceased to Serve
14/07/13Results of a Shareholders General Assembly
14/07/13Appointment of a Director - Ofer Termechi
14/07/13Appointment of a Director - Gideon Langholz
07/07/13Completion of construction of OPC Rotem Power Plant
01/07/13Shareholders Meeting Results
30/06/13S&P Maalot - No Change in Rating
26/06/13Examination of a Split in Holdings
30/05/13Convening of a Special General Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders
26/05/13Better Place - Request for Voluntary Liquidation
26/05/13Decision Not to Participate in Better Place Investment Round
26/05/13Zim - Sale of Container Factories
23/05/13Convening of a Special General Meeting of the Company's Shareholders (Hebrew)
23/05/13Convening of a Special General Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders (English)
05/05/13Zim - Maalot Rating Report
01/05/13Update regarding Zim
01/05/13Zim - update regarding bondholders meetings
25/04/13Announcement of Potash
17/04/13Cease of negotiations with the Noy fund
11/04/13Clarification with respect to ZIM
04/04/13Deletion of the V-Cars Claim
24/03/13Tower Semiconductor - Conversion of capital notes
21/03/13ZIM - Stakeholder agreements and requests
19/03/13ZIM - Agreement with shipyards
17/03/13IC Investment in Qoros
25/02/13Closing of Investment in Better Place
17/01/13ICL - Sale of Potash to Customers in China
10/01/13The Rejection of a Claim Against Bromine Compounds Ltd.
01/01/13S&P Maalot Rating Report of Debentures
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