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2016 News Releases
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20/12/16ICL - Dismissal of the motion for the approval of a class action
13/12/16Adjusting Interest Rates of Bonds - further details of numbers post decimal point
08/12/16ICL - Withdrawal of appeal over tax assessment
08/12/16ICL - Harmonization Project
30/11/16Israel Corp Reports its Third Quarter Results for 2016
30/11/16Senior officer ceased to serve - November 30th 2016
23/11/16ICL - Q3 2016 Financial Statements
23/11/16ICL- Investors Presentation
22/11/16Adjusting Interest Rates of Bonds
22/11/16S&P Maalot's Report - Rating lowered to 'ilA'; Outlook Stable
30/10/16ICL - Rating Reports
26/10/16ICL - Final arbitrator's Award Ending Dispute with Haifa Chemicals
10/10/16Senior officer ceased to serve - October 10th 2016
06/10/16ICL - Terminates its Potash Project in Ethiopia
29/09/16ICL- Discontinues its Global ERP Project
29/09/16Nomination of Yaakov Amidror as External Director since 11.10
29/09/16General Assembly Results - External Director Nomination
27/09/16Krauskopf Motion –Appeal
11/09/16ICL - CEO Resignation
22/08/16Convening of a Special General Meeting of the Shareholders of Israel Corporation - English version
22/08/16Convening of a Special General Meeting of the Shareholders of Israel Corporation - Hebrew version
17/08/16Israel Corp Reports its Second Quarter Results for 2016
17/08/16Renewal of officers insurance policies
31/07/16ICL - New Alignment Restated Financial Data
26/07/16ICL- Contracts for the sale of potash to customers in China
12/07/16ICL – Petition for Approval of Filling a Derivative Action
11/07/16ICL – Sale of Potash to Customers in India
26/06/16Rejection of motion to approve derivative action
21/06/16ICL – Rating Reports
29/05/16Immediate report regarding the result of an issuance to the public
25/05/16Maalot's Report ilA+ Bonds Issuance -May 25
25/05/16Results of Bids to Investors
25/05/16Shelf Offering report and Deeds of Trust for bonds 10 and 11
19/05/16ICL - Q1 2016 results presentation
19/05/16ICL - Q1 2016 financial statements
19/05/16Israel Corp Reports its First Quarter Results for 2016
08/05/16Company Overview - 2015
05/05/16Immediate Report
05/05/16Publication of prospectus
05/05/16S&P Maalot's Report ilA+ Bonds Issuance
19/04/16Amendment to Loan Agreement
06/04/16IC loan to Kenon
31/03/16Israel Corp. Reports its Fourth Quarter and Annual Results for 2015
21/03/16ICL - Investors Presentation
21/03/16Amendment to Loan Agreement – Kenon
13/03/16ORL - class action rejection
13/03/16ICL - Fitch rating
07/02/16Convening of an Annual General Meeting
27/01/16S&P Maalot report
17/01/16ICL - Completion of purchase of the Joint Venture
12/01/16ICL - Investors Presentation
05/01/16ICL - Immediate report regarding framework agreements for the sale of potash to customers in China
05/01/16Provision of loan to Kenon
03/01/16Deletion of Derivative Act - in connection with equity compensation to the company's former CEO
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